Work in Canada

Canada is a country full of oportunities, aside from being multicultural, with good quality of living, plenty of job offers with good salaries, Canada it’s a country that welcomes immigrants. Build your future now!

You can choose different paths to reach your goal

At IIS we help you choose the path that suits you best

Don’t waste time searching and analyzing endless information on the internet. At IIS we have all the knowledge concerning the immigration process, that we’ll use to create a plan according to your profile and needs, reducing the risks and getting you closer to your goal with success.


In this first step you’ll share basic information with us via an online survey.

The consultant analyzes and assesses the information to determine the best possible plan according to your profile and needs.

Confirmation of payment fee for the first interview. Payment that will be credited to the total sum of the consultation service.

It’s the first encounter agency-client with the purpose of delving into the information, create an strategy to present the client’s application and to answer all questions.

Development and follow up of the application until the end of the process.